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The Alpha-1 Foundation Support Group Network is a collective of more than 80 affiliated support groups including four Virtual Support Groups (Alpha-1 Families, Caregivers, Pre and Post Transplant & Timely Topics). These groups are dedicated to providing support, education and information to people affected by Alpha-1 and to extending the mission of the Alpha-1 Foundation.

Photo: Support Group Leaders at the 2019 Annual Alpha-1 National Conference

Support groups help people develop an enhanced, healthier sense of personal identity and a connection with the larger Alpha-1 community. Support group guidelines were established by the former Support Group Leader Advisory Committee, consisting of seasoned support group leaders. They are continually monitored by the Community Engagement Advisory Committee. These operating guidelines ensure the consistency of support groups related to educational opportunities, principles of emotional support, confidentiality, and unbiased relationships with industry.

Support group leaders are listed on this website for the sole purpose of assisting newly diagnosed Alphas and/or their caregivers in their local areas.

If you are not a patient or caregiver, please do not contact support group leaders directly.  We are happy to discuss all inquiries. For any marketing or research activities, please contact Cathey Horsak Hernderson, Alpha-1 Foundation at (877) 346-3212 or by email at

If there is no support group in your area and you are interested in organizing one, please contact Cathey Horsak Henderson at (877) 346-3212 or by email at


Support Group Locations