Pre & Post Transplant Virtual Support Group

Transplant-VSGThe Alpha-1 Association's Pre & Post Transplant Virtual Support Group is dedicated to providing information and resources for Alphas considering a lung or liver transplant and for those Alphas who have undergone a lung or liver transplant.


A variety of resources are available through this group:



Were you unable to attend a Pre & Post Transplant Virtual Support Group telecall?

This page allows you to listen to the recordings of each call to ensure that you have all the information and support you need.




NOW AVAILABLE: The Medication Adherence in Lung Transplantation telecall on September 18, 2012

Speaker: Holly Meadows, Pharm. D., BCPS, Clinical Specialist - Solid Organ Transplantation, Medical University of South Carolina



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March 11, 2014

Open Q & A with Transplanted Alphas

Karen Erickson, Assistant Executive Director of Community Engagement with the Alpha-1 Foundation will share her transplant experience. Janice, Karen's sister, will also share her experience as a caregiver. Other transplanted Alphas will be on the call and be available during the Q & A session.


February 18, 2014

Open Q & A with Transplanted Alphas

Open Forum


November 12, 2013

Psychological Considerations with Transplant

Speaker: Rachel Norwood, MD, Psychiatry Practice


February 26, 2013 

Open Forum Q & A

Speaker: Transplanted Alphas

December 11, 2012

Staying Healthy

Speaker: Amber Reese Porter, FNP-BC, St. Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center, Phoenix, Alpha-1 Clinical Resource Center (CRC)

July 24, 2012

Guide to Selecting Private Health Insurance & How to Make Important Life Choices with Your Family

Speakers: Marlene Erven, Executive Director, Alpha-1 Association and Barbee Bennington, Support Group Leader Coordinator, Alpha-1 Association


May 17, 2011

Patient Needs for Transplantation


January 26, 2011

Perspectives on Lung Transplant

September 1, 2010

What happens when you get the call? What to expect after surgery, through discharge, and follow-up visits

Speaker: Masina Scavuzzo, RN, BSN, CCTC




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