Alpha-1 Publications

Alpha-1 Publications and Resources

The Alpha-1 educational brochures below can be downloaded directly on your computer and printed. You may also order any of these publications, produced by and distributed in collaboration with the Alpha-1 Foundation, and many others free of charge by clicking the blue button below.



What is Alpha-1? The Liver and Alpha-1 What Does it Mean to be an Alpha-1 Carrier? It's all in the Family

A Guide for the Recently Diagnosed Individual Alpha-1 Family Awareness Video



Alpha-1 Kids Publications


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Cover picture Teenagers book cover

From A to ZZ - Alpha-1 Alphabet

Age 8 & below

Not the Only Alpha-1:

A Kid's Guide to Alpha-1

Ages 8 - 11

Not the Only Alpha-1:

A Teenager's Guide to Alpha-1