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December 2013


  • The Alpha-1 Amazon Store

  • Urge Humana to cover more than one augmentation therapy product

  • Psychological Considerations with a Transplant

  • Health Insurance enrollment increases after website overhaul

  • Genetic Counseling Scheduler

  • The 2014 Alpha-1 Education Days Have Been Announced

  • Thank you for a record-breaking year of spreading Awareness

  • Foods that love you back during the holidays


September 2013


  • The Alpha-1 Association's E-Education video

  • Finding Genes that may identify children

  • Alpha-1 Education Day in Chicago

  • Alpha-1 through the years

  • Updated state advocacy web portal

  • Genetic Counseling Program

  • International Plasma Awareness Week

  • The Alpha-1 Association's Operation 100 Campaign


August 2013


  • Help us reach our Operation 100 goal

  • Alpha-1 Education Day in Chicago

  • Open enrollment for the State Health Insurance Exchanges s

  • Honoring Glen Perkins and Janis Berend

  • Genetic Counseling Center

  • Alpha-1 Association's Quarterly Print Newsletter

July 2013


  • Operation 100

  • Upcoming Virtual Telecall

  • Alpha-1 Education Day in Denver

  • Medicare: Oxygen Therapy Coverage

  • Join the Momentum

  • Genetic Counseling

June 2013


  • Conference Update

  • The Ann Marie Benzinger Emergency Assistance Fund

  • Join the Operation 100 Campaign Today!

  • A Successful Lobby Day

  • Forwrad the 600 Alphas

  • Save the Date

  • You never know who you'll meet

  • How much do you know about Alpha-1?

  • Genetic Counseling Program


May 2013


  • The Alpha-1 National Education Conference

  • Preventing the Loss of Lung Tissue

  • Increasing Levels of the Alpha(1) Protein to Levels for Healthy Individuals

  • A congressional briefing in the U.S. Capitol

  • New Alpha-1 App

  • Medicare's Competitive Bidding Program

  • Traveling with Oxygen

  • Put your Alpha-1 knowledge to the test

  • Genetic Counseling Program


April 2013


  • The 22nd Annual National Education Conference in Washington

  • Artwork by Alphas

  • Ask an Alpha-1 Doctor

  • The Simple Dollar Guide to Health Insurance

  • Alpha-1 E-Education Videos

  • Fire Risk Forces Oxygen Tank Recall

  • Alpha-1 Kids Virtual Support Group Telecall on April 16th

  • Health Care Reform Webinar on May 1st

  • Genetic Counseling Program


March 2013


  • Online Alpha-1 Presentations for Viewing

  • Online videos from Gainesville's Education Day

  • 2013 Hope Quilt

  • The year-long campaign for awareness

  • Membership

  • 22nd Annual National Education Conference in Washington, D.C.

  • Be Prepared for Changes in Health Care

  • Private Health Insurance Toolkit

  • Life Choices Toolkit

  • Genetic Counseling Program


February 2013


  • 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the discovery of Alpha-1

  • San Antonio Education Day

  • Educational scholarships

  • New Beginnings

  • The 22nd annual National Education Conference

  • 2013 Hope Quilt

  • In honor of Service

  • Alpha-1 Kids VSG Telecall

  • Medicare Home-Oxygen

  • Private Health Insurance Toolkit

  • Life Choices Toolkit

  • Genetic Counseling Program


January 2013


  •  Alpha-1: 50 Years of Discovery

  • Upcoming Education Day

  • Call for Nominations

  • Virtual Support Group Telecall

  • Join the Congressional COPD Caucus

  • Maintain the Momentum

  • An Interactive Tool

  • Health News

  • Advocacy Webinar


December 2012


  • Supporting the Association

  • The Education Day in Gainesville

  • Upcoming Virtual Sipport Group Telecalls

  • Medicare Open Enrollment

  • An Action Alert abut protecting funding for the Food & Drug Administration & National Institutes of Health

  • New Beginnings for a staff member

  • 2013 Education Days

  • The Genetic Counseling Program

  • The Private Health Insurance Toolkit

  • The Life Choices Package


October 2012


  •  Awareness month is approaching

  • Hope in the discovery of new medicines

  • An upcoming Advocacy Webinar

  • An upcoming Telecall

  • A congratulations to Noreen James

  • Have a question for an Alpha-1 Doctor?

  • An Action Alert about the Medicare DMEPOS Market Pricing Program Act (HR 6490)


September 2012


  • E-Education

  • Hope in the discovery of new medicines

  • Operation 100 Campaign

  • A Virtual Telecall

  • An Upcoming Webinar

  • An Upcoming Education Day

  • A new State of the Air® smartphone application

  • Obtaining a state proclamation


August 2012


  • Understanding your Insurance Needs

  • Need Help Finding Community Resources?

  • Upcoming Virtual Support Telecall

  • Upcoming Education Day

  • Access and Reimbursement Web Portal

  • E-Education Videos

  • State Health Insurance Exchanges

  • Follow the Alpha-1 Association on Twitter!


July 2012


  • Developments towards a Cure

  • Newest Board Members

  • Operation 100

  • Upcoming Education Day

  • E-Education Videos

  • Support the Equal Access to Medicare Options Act


June 2012


  • New Genetic Counselor

  • 2012 National Conference

  • Upcoming Education Day

  • Healthcare Reform and the Supreme Court

  • New Educational Resources


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