Greater Leverage with Legislative Officials

RussellAs a member of the Alpha-1 Association, you can have a tremendous impact on the many issues that are critical to the Alpha-1 community.


According to Russell Welchert from Quincy, Illinois," With membership, the Alpha-1 Community has greater leverage with legislative officials when addressing the specific needs of Alphas. As a member, I was plugged into the Alpha-1 Community as an advocate. I was thus able to make public comments during a hearing in my state capitol to ensure that during the development of Illinois's Health Insurance Exchange, that the Health Care Reform Implementation Council took into consideration people like me who had Alpha-1. I was diagnosed back in 2005. I was playing softball, a favorite sport of mine, and I was all of a sudden unable to run to first base. This was incredibly scary, so I went to my General Practitioner who both tested and diagnosed me as having Alpha-1. My lung function was only 28%. I am now fortunately on augmentation therapy, which are weekly IV infusions of alpha-1 antitrypsin derived from human plasma. This prevents my lung function from getting worse. Membership can also create a ripple effect as it can further encourage testing and change lives for the better."


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