Access to Current Medical Information and Resources

Tammy CAlpha-1 Association membership guarantees that Alphas have access to vital programs such as the Genetic Counseling Program, Support Group Network, Education Days, National Education Conference and a voice through Grassroots Advocacy.


According to Tammy Cologie from Korn Krest, Pennsylvania, "I am Alpha-1 ZZ and on the waiting list for a double lung transplant at the Hospital University of Pennsylvania (HUP). I believe membership can help with Alpha-1 Awareness. Awareness is important as early diagnosis can keep complications at bay. Early diagnosis can also help one live longer with a better quality of life. As a member of the Alpha-1 Association, I have been able to be further plugged into the Alpha-1 community. I had a 'virtual' tea party with over 300 people and a bowling day with a bake sale that included a table with information about Alpha-1. I also believe that education is important as it can provide access to current medical information and resources for Alphas and their families all across the United States."


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As a member, you will have the opportunity to make a bigger impact by getting involved with Support Group Leadership, Alpha-1 Advocacy, Peer to Peer Guidance, the Board of Directors or its volunteer committees.