A Source of Information for Others

Julie The Alpha-1 Association provides the mechanism, through membership, to unite the Alpha-1 Community as one strong voice. With your membership, you can have a tremendous impact on the many issues that are critical to our community.


According to Julie Liljenquist from Minnesota, "I became a Support Group Leader right after attending the Alpha-1 National Education Conference in Orlando back in 2010. I met so many nice people from the Alpha-1 Community and quickly became both motivated and inspired to become involved. I became a member because I am passionate for all things related to Alpha-1 and I wanted to help with the "big picture" of moving progress forward. In addition, I want to also be there as a source of information to people and help bring greater awareness about this condition. After all, less than 10 percent of those living with it have been properly diagnosed.


I first heard about Alpha-1 fourteen years ago when my son was just a baby. He had a lingering stomach flu which was unrelated to Alpha-1. My husband and I then brought him to the doctor who performed some liver tests. His liver counts were elevated so he was tested for the cause of it and was then diagnosed with Alpha-1. Now we check his liver counts on a regular basis and bring him to the doctor's office to receive pulmonary tests too. My husband and I have been on top of things and fortunately, my son's health is okay. For all those that are newly diagnosed, do your research, get all the information you can and become a member of the Alpha-1 Association."


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