Participate In Research

There are many ways that Alphas of all ages and all letters of the ALPHAbet (ZZ, MS, MZ, SS, SZ) can help to advance research and improve the quality of life for Alphas now and in the future. Some studies may be as simple as a self administered questionnaire or participating in a focus group; others may be a one-time or periodic visits to a physician at a Clinical Resource Center for testing and follow-up, or participation in a clinical trial for new therapy. Your participation in research can make a long-lasting impact on the life of Alphas.

Join the Alpha-1 Foundation Research Registry at the Medical University of South Carolina

This confidential database of Alphas and carriers serves as a resource for investigators seeking individuals to participate in clinical trials, surveys, and other scientific and medical data collection activities. When you enroll in the Registry, you will receive invitation letters from the Registry to participate in various research projects for which you meet the criteria. You have the option to accept or decline all offers. All registry enrollees receive bi-annual issues of the Alpha-1 Research Registry Update Newsletter. For more information on how to join the Registry, please visit its website at, email at or call toll free at 1-877-886-2383.


Consider Joining Specific Research Studies & Clinical Trials

As a member of the Alpha-1 Research Registry, you will receive notification of research studies for which you meet the criteria. You can also take it upon yourself to learn about specific Alpha-1 research studies that are publicized through the Alpha-1 Foundation, Alpha-1 Association, AlphaNet or other reliable sources such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Trials. Database:


The participation by Alphas in research studies and clinical trials is vital to the approval process for new treatments and, eventually, a cure for Alpha-1.