Operation 100

Video of DC

According to DC Young from Utah, "I am participating in Operation 100 to support the services and programs of my Association. It is VERY easy and I encourage you to become involved too. "

2013 Annual Fundraiser:

The Operation 100 campaign ended on October 11, 2013. Thank you to all those that were involved.  With your involvement, we were able to improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with Alpha-1. Your participation helped to ensure that Alphas have access to vital programs including the Support Network, the Genetic Counseling Program, the Patient Information Hotline, educational programs and other important resources.


 If you still want to become involved, here are two ways to get started:

  1. Create your own online fundraising page:
  2. Request an Operation 100 package by contacting Jonathan Welsh at jwelsh@alpha1.org.

History of Operation 100

Operation 100 was created by past board member, Dennis Pollock to raise funds for the Alpha-1 Association programs and services and to create awareness among family, friends and healthcare professionals.


The Board of Directors has dedicated Operation 100 in memory of Dennis, who passed away in October 2010. He had put his heart and soul into this program to provide an easy means for Alphas to get involved and provide needed support to the Association. Click here for FirstGiving Directions.


According to Tom Corron, Alpha-1 Association Board Member and Support Group Leader, "I have been been part of Operation 100 since it's incpetion. This campaign has allowed me to spread Alpha-1 awareness to a whole array of people and raise some funds for the Association in the process. I have found it fairly easy to participate.I know for some it can seem kind of scary to get involved. For those that need some guidance, feel free to contact me for tips, information and more at tcorron@live.com."