Join Advocacy Efforts


Join our Grassroots Advocacy and take action on the current legislative and regulatory issues that affect Alphas. As an Advocate, you will receive the latest Advocacy updates and can be asked to contact your legislators and particpate on several Advocacy Days either in your state capital or Washington D.C. Please visit our Advocacy section on our website to view the status of pending legislation issues and our Advocacy toolkit. Call 1-800-521-3025 to learn more about the resources available to you from the Alpha-1 Association for your Community Outreach activities.


As an an Alpha-1 Advocate, you will:

  • Receive special advocacy briefings by email and telecall

  • Be asked to take action on issues and inform us of your activities so we can track the effectiveness of our grassroots network

  • Have the opportunity to participate in other advocacy activities as they develop in your state or at the national level.

  • Have the opportunity to receive advocacy training materials and attend advocacy training's.