Access & Reimbursement

The following information has been compiled as a central resource for information on access to care and reimbursement issues for Alphas who require assistance to ensure access to FDA-approved augmentation therapy products in the United States.


Therapy Companies

Each Alpha-1 augmentation therapy company has preferred providers that provide services to their Alpha-1 patients including assistance with reimbursement issues such as understanding their current insurance coverage, claims, and co-pay process.



There are several companies who specialize in obtaining financial assistance and finding insurance for the un-insured to ensure access to augmentation therapy. In addition, each augmentation therapy company has a preferred provider to assist Alpha-1 patients on their product with reimbursement issues related to insurance coverage, Medicare and Medicaid. For assistance with access, contact Barbee Bennington, Support Group & Program Coordinator at or 1-855-351-6610.


Specialty Pharmacy


This section allows you to view the services provided by specialty pharmacy, home infusion and health management companies. Specialty pharmacies (SP) offer services for providers and insurers by streamlining the delivery process and smoothing out the challenges in healthcare delivery and financing.


Medicare Box


This section provides information about the parts of Medicare, what's new, and how to find Medicare plans, facilities, or providers.


Report Here


As access to care issues are identified, we can take action and engage our grassroots advocacy network. If you are an Alpha patient and your physician has denied your augmentation therapy prescription or if your insurance company will no longer provide coverage for your augmentation therapy, please report it here or contact Barbee Bennington, Support Group & Program Coordinator at or 1-855-351-6610.