Message from the Chair


Our Foundation’s Strategic Plan is two-fold: 1) to find a cure for Alpha–1, and 2) to improve the lives of people affected by Alpha–1 worldwide.

To accomplish this, we have identified eight strategic goals: Research and Development, Detection and Healthcare, Public Policy and Advocacy, Community Engagement, Global Network, Communication, Funding and Fundraising and Human Resources.

Gordon E. Cadwgan, PhD, Chairman of the Alpha-1 Foundation Board of Directors

Each one of these goals is important but research and development to find a cure is, and always has been, our “reason for being.” To that end, we continue to invest more than $2 million every year in basic research and now more than $3 million total in “translational research” through the Alpha–1 Project (TAP).

Our research focus, especially in TAP, has shifted from the lung to the liver for two reasons:

  1. With better care and therapy we are living longer and are more likely to develop liver disease due to entrapped Alpha–1
  2. The liver is a prime target for gene therapy, a method which shows great promise to “shut down” production of mal-formed Alpha–1 and “turn on” production of good Alpha–1.

I see the seven remaining goals as pillars supporting our main goal and ask everyone—staff, fellow alphas, family, friends, associates, to ask themselves each day “What am I doing now that will lead us to the cure?”

  1. Find more alphas, increase the strength of our organization, apply our proven healthcare programs to extend and improve their lives.
  2. Engage these people in our community, encourage them to participate in their community or directly in the Foundation to achieve our goals.
  3. Communicate amongst ourselves and outside our community to spread the word of Alpha–1 worldwide.
  4. Ensure that we work closely with our local, state and country governments to advocate for our health priorities and participate directly in research available through government agencies.
  5. Raise the money necessary to accomplish our goals; easily said but not an easy task.
  6. And finally, develop each and everyone of us, alphas and those working with us, to their full potential.
  7. People are our most important resource. Their voice, their ideas, their energy, their participation, their commitment will get us to the final goal of finding a cure.