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Published on Friday, March 16, 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Hair today, gone tomorrow

When Vicki Cameron met friends and fellow AlphaNet coordinators Liz Veronda and Doug Turley, in St Louis at the 2008 national Alpha-1 Association education conference, she mentioned that she was going to grow her hair out for a year, then donate it to charity.

“Liz and I had done this once before. We were talking about how good we felt about what we did,” Cameron said. “We decided that we would do it again.

Doug Turley overheard and asked if he could do it too, and Cameron responded, “I don’t see why not!”

A year later, all three stayed true to their word. They sat together in a hotel room and watched their hair divided into ponytails and cut into sections so they could be donated to the non-profit organization Locks of Love. Vicki’s daughter, Traci Fulford, volunteered her time to cut their hair to the organization’s strict standards.

“We are very proactive people for the cause. It’s second nature to us to do good for our community, and it just feels good inside!” Veronda said.

Locks of Love will use the sections of hair they donated to create hairpieces for children that suffer from hair loss due to long-term medical causes.

The hairpieces will be donated to children who are financially disadvantaged, to help restore the children’s self-confidence.

“There’s always something you can do to help,” Cameron said.

Anyone who is interested in following in the footsteps of Cameron, Veronda and Turley is more than welcome. For information, visit

Anita Sellers stumbled upon the news item we ran last year when the trio made their commitment to donate their hair. She contacted Veronda. “Are you guys still growing your hair out? If so I would love to be a part of it,” she wrote.

Sellers’ husband, Keith, has Alpha-1 and has been waiting for a lung transplant for almost a year. His rare O-negative blood type makes it more difficult to find a good match. Sellers has been taking care of her husband and hopes that Veronda, Cameron and Turley can bring attention to Alpha-1 through their hair donation.

Sellers cut her 10” mane and sent it to Veronda all the way from Russellville, Arkansas.

“Locks of Love is special to me, as I have had lots of family members and friends with cancer,” she said.