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Published on Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Every Breath

Every Breath

A poem for Nancy Danley 2/14/09

I close my eyes, lowering my head to take a bow in prayer
A smile appears across my face, because I know you’re there.

So many times through any day, I could easily slip into fear, 
Instead I pause, taking your hand, at ease to know you’re near.

You give me strength, at times embarrassing as I blush amidst the crowd,
As soon as I regain my breath, I’ll stand tall, again you make me proud.

I’ve heard the stories, I know it’s true, you could have left me gasping.
Instead, you stand strong year upon year, your love is mine without asking.

In sickness and health, was simply a line among many, on that day we wed 
You proved your devotion, holding to our vows, honoring all words then said.

I look down the road, its distance at first overwhelming, then you clutch my hand.
Suddenly my lungs fill, my smile appears, I stand tall with you, I’m your man.

Now finally, a special day to mark my devotion as a National holiday to treasure
On this Valentine’s Day, 2009 … and all before and after, know it cant be measured.

I love you,