Alpha Stories

Published on Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Day that Alpha 1

The Day that Alpha 1

A poem written by Lila M Thomason, in memory of her brother, Leon.

When they made my brother Leon, they threw away the mold
Too short a life he lived
Too short our story told
About an eight year race
That ended at 42 years old. 
He worked hard and he played hard
And God that man could run
At 34 he was challenged, 
By a disease called Alpha 1. 
With eyes wide open, determination on his face,
He said “I must get started,
I’ve got to win this race.”
“I’ll work out and exercise,
I’ll cut right through the chase.”
“I’ll build up my lungs, but I think they need more space.”
The race was nearly ended, 
And we knew it wasn’t fair.
He never reached the finish line,
He couldn’t leave his chair. 
We lit a candle for Leon,
And looked up at the morning sun,
On February 7th, the day that Alpha 1 “won”. 
Let’s find a cure for Alpha 1, no matter what the cost, then we can read the story about the day 
that Alpha lost!