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Published on Monday, June 7, 2010

Marta Strock dies; one of first AlphaNet coordinators

Marta Strock was one of the first AlphaNet coordinators, and proud of it.

“As an AlphaNet coordinator,” she told a magazine writer in 2004, “I have the opportunity to bring a wealth of knowledge about our disease to many Alphas around the country. Knowledge that helps, support, and builds hope for a patient population that just a few years ago had none.”

Strock became one of the first patient service coordinators for AlphaNet, a not-for-profit company providing services to those with Alpha-1. She was the Florida coordinator until her surgery for breast cancer in 2001. After her recovery from surgery, she returned as a coordinator at large until illness forced her disability retirement in 2009.

Strock, 60, of Sarasota, FL, died June 2 from respiratory failure and metastasized breast cancer.

“She worked selflessly to assist others with Alpha-1, even while fighting her battle with cancer, throughout which she maintained a positive outlook,” said Terry L. Young, General Manage of AlphaNet.

Strock was diagnosed with Alpha-1 after her brother Randy developed Alpha-1-related lung disease that required a lung transplant.

She was a board member of the Florida Chapter of the Alpha-1 Association and helped to organize the office of the Alpha-1 Foundation in Miami after its founding in 1995. She also helped to care for Susan Stanley, one of co-founders of the Alpha-1 Foundation and AlphaNet, when Stanley’s health was failing.

She is survived by her partner, Sue Fair, and her mother, Claudel Strock, both of Sarasota. A celebration of her life will be held Sunday, July 18, at 2 pm at Selby Gardens, 811 South Palm Ave., Sarasota, FL 34236.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in her memory to the Alpha-1 Foundation, 2937 SW 27th Ave. #302, Miami, FL 33133; or to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, PO Box 650309, Dallas, TX 75265.

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