Alpha-1 Videos

You can help spread Alpha-1 awareness by sharing our videos with your friends on your website, blog or Facebook. Find out the importance of family testing, early diagnosis and why you should join the Alpha-1 Foundation’s Research Registry – or – see how other Alphas were diagnosed with Alpha-1.

E-Education Video Library

Watch recordings from our past Educational Events at your leisure anywhere and anytime! Our E-Education has more than 400 presentations that cover important Alpha-1 related topics.


What do Alphas of the world need?

Alphas from 24 countries attended the 4th International Alpha-1 Patient Congress. What did we learn?
We are all part of a worldwide Alpha family, and we need to work together to help find a cure for all of us.


50 years of discovery

A brief interview with Sten Eriksson, co-discoverer of Alpha-1. He tells of his first encounters with Alphas in 1963. Renowned researchers emphasize the importance of the discovery and its effects on the future of Alpha-1.


Alpha-1 Researchers

Working long hours in a lab is tough, but these researchers know that there are people counting on them and their research. Dr. Mark Brantly and others tell us why they are so committed to finding a cure for Alpha-1.


Joining the Alpha-1 Research Registry

In this reboot of our classic research registry video. Dr. Charlie Strange and Alpha Sally Everett tell us why it is so important to join the Alpha-1 Registry and how it makes a difference in getting new treatments out to patients.


Who should be tested for Alpha-1?

This is a fun, 30-second, PSA-style ad that we put together for the Florida Detection Program. If you would like a copy to send to your television station, please contact our communications team.


Alpha-1 Mission Possible

Alpha-1 Mission Leader John Walsh urges us to accept this assignment – to help find a cure for Alpha-1. This fun video was part of the Foundation’s exhibit at the Alpha-1 National Conference. See the Virtual Booth Experience.


Alpha-1 on the Street

In “Alpha-1 on the Street” we asked real people if they recognized a couple of famous faces – and the term “Alpha-1.”
Their answers are fun to listen to. But beyond the humor is a clear message – if you think you or a loved one may have Alpha-1 – GET TESTED.


Get Tested

It’s a familiar story for many Alphas. You’ve been short of breath. The cough you got from that chest cold two weeks ago won’t go away. Your inhaler for asthma isn’t helping. You’re confused, tired and worried.


How We Became Diagnosed

We asked dozens of Alphas to tell us how they came to be diagnosed with Alpha-1. These are some of the most powerful stories we recorded.


Are You 1?

You can’t tell by looking at a person if they have Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. You need a blood test to know for sure.


Alpha-1 Sucks the Life Right Out of You

Alpha-1 Sucks the Life Right Out of You was a key part of our awareness campaign for 2010 (the Year of the Lung). The video emphasizes that Alpha-1 lung disease is treatable.


Family Testing

Richard and Sarah Johnson of Jacksonville, FL, have played a key role in helping the Alpha-1 Foundation launch a project to help Alphas and carriers encourage their family members to consider testing.


Life is an Inspiration

In June of 2009, William Reese was to be the inspirational speaker at the Alpha-1 Association national education conference in San Francisco. He couldn’t attend due to illness, so out of desperation he assembled this video on his computer.

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