Team Alpha-1

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Join or Organize a Team Alpha-1!

Team Alpha-1 is comprised of Alphas, family and friends who volunteer to participate or assist in local, national and international sporting events. Team Alpha-1 was created to promote awareness, detection and encourage participation of Alphas across the country to raise funds in support of Alpha-1 research and programs.

It just takes your commitment and dedication, and in most cases, joining forces with other Alphas in your community.

The Alpha-1 Foundation’s Team Alpha-1 participates at American Lung Association (ALA) Bike Treks, American Liver Foundation (ALF) Walks and similar community, national and international sporting events.

In addition to its mission of awareness, many Team Alpha-1 participants raise funds above their entry pledge for Alpha-1 research, primarily by conducting letter writing campaigns to their friends and contacts soliciting support of their participation.

If you have questions about participating in or organizing an event please contact Angela McBride at (877) 228-7321 ext. 233, or email