November is Alpha-1 Awareness Month

Alpha-1 awareness is a year-round endeavor, but during the month of November we ask EVERYONE to become engaged and increase #Alpha1Awareness. To help you get started, we have created some free materials that you can download and print, share on social media and share by email. Do your part to increase #Alpha1Awareness in your community, around the country and on social media!

Digital Awareness Toolkit

Post any of these shareable #Alpha1Awareness images as your profile pictures and/or share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from November 1st to 30th. Be sure to tag the Alpha-1 Foundation and don't forget to use the official Alpha-1 awareness hashtag #Alpha1Awareness! Need ideas for captions? Scroll down to Printable Resources and click on "Sample Social Media Posts".

Social Media Profile Imagesplus

The images below have been optimized to fit the dimensions of standard social media images. Share them on your social media accounts from November 1st to 30th and use #Alpha1Awareness. Be sure to tag the Alpha-1 Foundation on: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Email Signatureplus

Download the image below and add it to your email signature. Be sure to link the image to the Alpha-1 Awareness page at


Shareable Alpha-1 Awareness Imagesplus

Shareable Alpha-1 Memesplus

Host a Virtual Walk!
Alpha-1 Awareness Month

Stroll around your living room, stride through your neighborhood, or step onto the treadmill. You’ll not only get some good exercise, but also raise awareness of Alpha-1.

The 2017 “Virtual Walk for Alpha-1,” organized by the Alpha-1 Foundation, allows anyone who wants to make a difference in the Alpha-1 community to contribute in their own style, in their own time, and at their own pace.


Shareable Virtual Walk 2017 Imagesplus

Could it be Alpha-1? - A Diagnosis Story

Could it be Alpha-1 Video

Meet Ron, a COPD patient who has unexplained liver disease. His doctor is working with him to find the root cause of his symptoms. In spite of not fitting into the usual stereotype for the rare genetic condition, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, his doctor decides to perform the simple blood test.

Alpha-1 Proclamations
Alpha-1 Awareness Month

Alphas all over the United States are asking their governors and mayors to declare the month of November Alpha-1 Awareness Month.


2017 Proclamationsplus

Wyoming Proclamation
Obtained by Deb Burwell & Jackie English

Wyoming Proclamation
Obtained by Bruce Ogg

Wyoming Proclamation
Obtained by Claudia & DC Young

Wyoming Proclamation
Obtained by Nadine Peterson

2016 Proclamationsplus

Arizona Proclamation
Obtained by Lisa Lambert

Arkansas Proclamation
Obtained by Geoffrey Holmberg

Connecticut Proclamation
Obtained by Faith and Steve Petty

Pensacola, Florida Proclamation
Obtained by NaLona Brato

Georgia Proclamation
Obtained by Karen Fraser

Idaho Proclamation
Obtained by Diane and Larry Angell

Illinois Proclamation
Obtained by Deb Burwell and Jackie English

Kentucky Proclamation
Obtained by Angie Logsdon

Louisiana Proclamation
Obtained by Kimberly Mill

Massachussetts Proclamation
Obtained by Sue Binnall and Sheila Favazza

Michigan Proclamation
Obtained by Jeannette Therrian

Minnesota Proclamation
Obtained by Jennifer Jopp

Missouri Proclamation
Obtained by Dick Bueker and Peggy Paul

Nebraska Proclamation
Obtained by Charlie Gregory and John Bradley
New York Proclamation
Obtained by Richard Lovrich
North Carolina Proclamation
Obtained by Brian Lowery

Ohio Proclamation
Obtained by Ann Dissinger and Jesse Strickland

Oklahoma Proclamation
Obtained by Sherri Cain

South Carolina Proclamation
Obtained by Jim Quill

Tennessee Proclamation
Obtained by Eric Butcher and Tammi Presley

Utah Proclamation
Obtained by DC and Claudia Young

Washington Proclamation
Obtained by David Saxon

West Virginia Proclamation
Obtained by Linda Mullin

Wyoming Proclamation
Obtained by Nadine Peterson

Awareness Gear
Alpha-1 Awareness Month

Our Awareness Gear page has Alpha-1 items that you can get for friends and family to help spread the word about Alpha-1.

Where Does Your Money Go?

The Alpha-1 Foundation has invested nearly $60 million to support Alpha-1 research and programs in 103 institutions in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.