Need some help getting to the doctor?

Foundation offers Alphas financial aid to visit CRC doctors familiar with Alpha-1

Finding a doctor who is knowledgeable about Alpha-1 can be a challenge sometimes.

That’s why the Alpha-1 Foundation is offering a travel stipend of up to $500 to help Alphas around the country to visit a Clinical Resource Center (CRC).

At these centers, Alphas can see a physician familiar with Alpha-1 and get answers about their condition. They can also find out more about how Alpha-1 affects their families. And they can learn about the testing choices available to family members.

More than 80 Clinical Resource Centers are located throughout the United States. A CRC specializes in patient care and education for those with Alpha-1. Some centers treat lung disease and others liver disease.

Centers often have other resources for Alphas such as transplant centers, support groups and pulmonary rehabilitation. Each center must meet certain criteria in order to be listed as a CRC through the Alpha-1 Foundation.

For information or to request a travel stipend, contact the Alpha-1 Foundation CRC Access Program at or call (877) 228-7321, ext. 251.

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