Patient Information Line

Alpha-1 Telephone


1 (800) 245-6809


The Patient Information Line, operated by Cathey Horsak Henderson, Director of Community Programs, is available free to Alphas, their families, caregivers, healthcare providers, or anyone affected by Alpha-1. The Hotline helps with an array of topics such as:

  • Alpha-1 Testing
  • The emotional impact of an Alpha-1 Diagnosis
  • Alpha-1 related questions
  • Peer Guides
  • Recommendations for an Alpha-1 physician near you
  • Parents concerned with the diagnosis of their newborn baby
  • Support groups

Cathey Horsak

Cathey Horsak Henderson, Director of Community Programs

The Information Line guides callers to the appropriate resources, calms their fears and lets them know that they are not alone. To reach the Patient Information Line, call 1 (800) 245-6809.