Alpha Angels

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This section is dedicated to deceased members of our Alpha-1 family, many of whom pioneered in research, detection, support and education efforts for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. Because of them, we will continue to learn and make others aware of this genetic condition that affects so many families.

To add a loved one to our Alpha Angels page, we must receive a request from a family member of the deceased Alpha. The request should include the name of the deceased Alpha, the name and relationship to the Alpha of the person making the request, the state of residence and year of death. Send your request to Alejandro Hernandez Padilla at or at (877) 228-7321 ext. 273.

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  • Hollis Robbins
    New Hampshire 1970
  • Barbara Quill
    Pennsylvania 1969
  • George Small
    New Hampshire 1968
  • John Dixon
    New Jersey 1968
  • Allen Bluford
    Arizona 1967
  • Marjorie Breither
    Connecticut 1965
  • Helen Chase Walsh
    Massachusetts 1964
  • Steven Dixon
    New Jersey 1964
  • Robert Hutchinson
    Mississippi 1963
  • Janet Lose
    Florida 1959
  • Thomas Lewis
    California 1956
  • Ralph Tidd
    Ohio 1953
  • Robert McAllister
    Pennsylvania 1953
  • William McAllister
    Pennsylvania 1940
  • Nancy Corum
    Alabama 1922
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