Alpha-1 Global

Alpha-1 Global

Alpha-1 Global seeks to:

  • Build cohesive communication between the various Alpha-1 associations and organizations.
  • Supply up-to-date information about research and the latest Alpha-1 developments around the world.
  • Provide access to valuable resources and educational materials in a variety of languages.
  • Conduct educational Alpha-1 seminars online.
  • Encourage you to actively participate in the online discussion platform, by contributing your knowledge, questions, experiences and ideas.

The site,, serves as a hub for global communication. In a year, this site will probably look very different, as people around the world will have had a chance to add their thoughts, share ideas, and evaluate the need for expansion into different languages. We also hope to develop a comprehensive communication structure with our network of association leaders and provide additional awareness and campaign resources.


5th Global Alpha-1 Patient Congress

A-1 Global Congress

The 5th Global Patient Congress will start on Thursday evening, 9 April, with a welcome reception and dinner, and finish after breakfast on Sunday morning, 12 April.

The International Research Conference will take place on 9-10 April, and is for invited researchers only. On Friday afternoon, 10 April, a joint session with researchers and Congress attendees is scheduled. Opportunities for additional interaction will be provided during dinner that night.


  • Bring together representatives of the Alpha-1 community to discuss the status of Alpha-1 around the world
  • Continue to build a collaborative and effective network of Alpha-1 organizations and patients
  • Develop strategies to strengthen advocacy for Alpha-1 awareness, detection and access to care

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