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The Basics of Alpha-1 Lung Disorder and Current Research
Topics : Lung , Research

Mark Brantly, MD's, Bio:plus

Dr. Brantly is Professor of Medicine, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology in the University of Florida’s Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. He is also Associate Director of the University of Florida’s Clinical Resource Center. The Alpha-1 Foundation DNA and Tissue Bank is operated under the direction of Dr. Brantly at the University of Florida. He has been extremely active in researching Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency for over 20 years and has worked with the Alpha-1 Foundation to increase national awareness about the disease and its effects on deficient individuals. Dr. Brantly has been influential in expanding the Florida screening program and has helped coordinate efforts with the Medical University of South Carolina to increase responses to the Alpha-1 Coded Testing Study, a confidential and free testing service encouraging people to screen themselves for early detection. Dr. Brantly has been awarded several honors including the Parker Family Fellowship in Pulmonary Research, the Alpha One Research Professorship, the Alpha-1 National Association Award, and the Visiting Professor Award from the Universita degli Studi di Modena.


Natural History of Live Disease & New Therapy Development
Topics : Liver , Research

Jeffrey Teckman, MD's, Bio:plus

Jeffrey Teckman is a Professor of Pediatrics and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center. His research involves studying the mechanisms by which liver damage occurs in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and how this damage can be treated and prevented. He is also involved in a variety of national and international clinical studies on liver disease. He has written numerous scientific papers on Alpha-1. He also authored a "Question and Answer Book" for families living with liver disease due to Alpha-1. Dr. Teckman is familiar with patients with lung disease through his late wife who suffered from the lung complications of Cystic Fibrosis and received a lung transplant.

Alpha-1 And NIH: Toward a Ne Type of Disease Research Partnership
Topics : Research

Raynard Kington, MD's, Bio:plus

Raynard S. Kington began his tenure as the 13th President of Grinnell College in August, 2010. The former deputy director and acting director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Kington has brought a fresh perspective to the academic world of liberal arts colleges. President Kington attended the University of Michigan where he received his B.S. with distinction and his M.D. He completed his M.B.A. with distinction and Ph.D. at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He was elected to membership in the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science in 2006. Dr. Kington has served as an assistant professor of medicine at UCLA and as a senior scientist at the RAND Corporation. Prior to coming to NIH, he directed the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one of the largest studies of the health of the population of the United States.

Alpha-1 Liver Disease & Current Research
Topics : Genetics , Liver
Clinical Trials: Research Opportunities for You
Topics : Research

James Stocks, MD's, Bio:plus

For the past 15 years Dr. Stocks has been a faculty member of the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler. His major research focus has been Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. He was a principal investigator in the NHLBI registry of patients with severe Alpha-1 Deficiency from 1988-1995. Over the last decade Dr. Stocks has participated as a principal investigator in almost every pharmaceutical trial for Alpha-1 conducted in the United States. He is a member of the Alpha-1 Foundation's Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee with responsibilities for oversight of the Research Registry. He is a past member of the Alpha-1 Association's Board of Directors.

Alpha-1 Foundation Update

Angela McBride's, Bio:plus

Angela McBride is the Director of Community Relations and Development for the Alpha-1 Foundation. She is responsible for leading the volunteer team in developing resources to ensure a strong base of financial support for the organization's mission to fund research towards a cure for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. Ms. McBride has worked in the Alpha-1 Community for the past 12 years, devoting her time and energy to empowering individuals to support the mission of the Alpha-1 Foundation. In 2010 she received the "Special Appreciation Award" at the 2010 Alpha-1 National Education Conference.

Research Update
Topics : Research

Michael Krowka, MD's, Bio:plus

Michael Krowka, MD is a Professor of Medicine, and the Vice Chair of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, a position he has held since 2001. He also chairs the Mayo Clinic Public Affairs Committee. His chief interest lies in the study of Pulmonary hypertension associated with liver diseases. When asked why he chose to serve on the Alpha-1 Association Board, Dr. Krowka responded, "I have enjoyed my volunteer roles with the Alpha-1 community and physicians since the late 1980's. Most recently, I have served on and chaired the Education Materials Working Group (EMWG) for the Alpha -1 Foundation. As Vice-Chair of the Pulmonary Division at the Mayo Clinic (with clinical interests in pulmonary hypertension, lung volume reduction and lung transplantation), my clinical research derives from daily pulmonary consultation in the Mayo Liver Transplant Clinic, which allows me to see patients with Alpha-1 issues from the liver transplantation perspective. Thus, the ongoing education of pulmonary and hepatology Fellows/Residents regarding alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency is a continued high priority and daily activity. Finally, I see the educational and research relationships between various lung and liver patient care and professional organizations as an important integration to be fostered via training our young physicians to explore innovative approaches to Alpha-1 patient care. In short, I hope to bring an additional educational emphasis to the Alpha-1 Association Board and contribute ideas that affect both the lung and liver aspects of alpha-1 antitrypsin patient care.

Alpha-1 Foundation Research Update
Speaker : Walsh, , John

John Walsh's, Bio:plus

Mr. Walsh is the co-founder, President and CEO of the Alpha-1 Foundation in Miami, Florida. Under his leadership, the organization has become internationally recognized and has invested more than $28 million to support Alpha-1 research and research-related projects, which includes funding grant awards to more than 50 academic institutions in North America and Europe. Mr. Walsh is also co-founder and President of AlphaNet, Inc. a not-for-profit disease management services company providing comprehensive care exclusively for individuals with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. AlphaNet, Inc. currently provides services to 2,500 individuals with Alpha-1 in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Due to the infrastructure and support provided by the Foundation and AlphaNet, several companies have drugs in development for the treatment of Alpha-1. In 2002 Mr. Walsh’s contribution to pioneering collaboration in orphan drug development was recognized by the FDA with the Commissioner’s Special Citation. Mr. Walsh has an extensive background in business management and government relations; he served three terms on the Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability (1997-2006), is Immediate-Past Chairperson of the National Health Council’s Board of Directors (2005-2006), he is Past Chair and a member of the American Thoracic Society Public Advisory Roundtable (PAR) and was the Presidential Appointee (2004-2005) of the American Thoracic Society’s Board of Directors. He is a member of the American Lung Association National Action Panel on Lung Disease, is on the Advisory Board of the Center for Genetic Research Ethics And Law (CGREAL) at Case Western Reserve University, is a Trustee on the Foundation of the American Thoracic Society (2006-2008) is a member of the US COPD Coalition Executive Committee, Chair of the International COPD Coalition (2006-2008), and a member of the COPD Foundation Board of Directors. He regularly testifies before Congress and advisory groups as a patient advocate. Mr. Walsh was diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, in 1989.

Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells and Alpha-1
Topics : Research

Andrew Wilson, MD's, Bio:plus

Andrew Wilson is Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine where he practices Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Wilson attended medical school and performed his residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, TX before moving to Boston. Dr. Wilson’s research focuses on regenerative medicine approaches to advancing understanding of and treatments for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. In addition to studying AATD in the laboratory, Dr. Wilson is the Director of the Alpha-1 Center at Boston Medical center, where he works with Drs. Darrell Kotton and Rob Lowe caring for patients with AATD.

Liver Research Update
Topics : Liver , Research
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