Patient Information Hotline

                            1 (800) 245 - 6809


Cathey-Horsak smallThe Patient Information Hotline, operated by Cathey Horsak, Director of Community Programs and Outreach, is available free of charge to anyone affected by Alpha-1 and provides support to newly diagnosed Alphas, Alphas seeking basic information, or help such as requesting a peer guide, physician referral, requests for literature, etc. This service is available to Alphas, their families, caregivers, healthcare providers, and anyone else who is seeking to discuss an array of topics such as:


  • Alpha-1 Testing
  • The emotional impact of an Alpha-1 Diagnosis
  • Alpha-1 related questions
  • Peer Guides
  • Recommendations for an Alpha-1 physician near you
  • Parents concerned with the diagnosis of their newborn baby
  • Support groups


Ms. Horsak connects and guides callers to the appropriate resources, calms their fears and anxiety and lets them know that they are not alone.


To reach the Patient Information Hotline, please call 1-800-245-6809.