Alpha-1 Awareness

Thank you for taking an active step in spreading Alpha-1 Awareness not only this month, but all year! Your role in helping to create awareness about Alpha-1 was both incredibly essential and powerful. In addition to displaying flyers in grocery stores, sharing awareness videos, distributing Alpha-1 brochures, hosting volleyball tournaments, designing Alpha-1 jewelry or speaking on a local radio station, 13 of you participated in a Lung Expo or Health Fair, 15 of you got your Alpha-1 Story published, 8 of you visited a medical school or hospital, 31 of you obtained an Alpha-1 Awareness Month proclamation from your state Governor, 50 of you submitted an Alpha-1 Hope Quilt Square and more. This is something of which to be very proud. It is our hope that you will continue the momentum to spread awareness all year long. Remember, "Alpha-1 Awareness starts with you!"


Aimee Bulthuis, with the COPD Foundation is charged with maintaining both the Alpha-1 and COPD Grassroots Advocacy Network. Please reach out to Aimee if you would like to become involved in grassroots advocacy by contacting her at

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