Become an Alpha-1 Advocate


What is an Alpha-1 Advocate?

An Alpha-1 advocate is someone who works to raise awareness for Alpha-1 and help change public policy to improve the lives of all Alphas.


Why Be an Alpha-1 Advocate?

Most Americans, including our elected leaders, are not aware of Alpha-1 and the risk factors so we are depending on individuals like you to raise your voice and help us fight for positive policy change for all Alphas. Changes in public policy could result in better treatments, improved access to care and even a cure.


How Do I Advocate for Alpha-1?

There are lots of ways to be an effective and successful Alpha-1 advocate. Some examples of advocacy activities are:

  • You can raise awareness by posting about Alpha-1 on your Facebook.
  • Visit your representative in their district office.
  • Write to the editor of your local paper about Alpha-1 and COPD.
  • Start a patient organization group in your area or join an Alpha-1 Support Group.
  • To become a State Captain, contact Karen Erickson, (877) 228-7321, ext 214, or

The easiest way to advocate for Alpha-1 is to visit the Action Center. The Action Center is the cornerstone of our advocacy strategy, providing advocates with information on current legislative campaigns and offers simple ways to make your voice heard in Congress. 

Don’t forget to sign up for the Action Network so you are the first to know about the issues and when we need you to act!